Where I Discuss the Winter Nap

You know I love my naps. I think napping is like a restful night of sleep without the hours of time commitment. You snooze, you are refreshed and, you wake up ready to face the world with a smile.

I’ve discussed the Spring Nap, today, I’m going into the Winter Nap. That nap that is the next best thing to the holidays to take place every winter season.

The Winter Nap is best taken on a day when the thermometer is showing that it’s at least 35F or colder outside. If it is raining or snowing, it’s even better. Although one can nap in bed, it’s also acceptable to snuggle down on your sofa to snooze…and snuggle is the key word here. You want to turn down the thermostat so the room is cool or open a window a crack to let some chilly, fresh air to enter. This is my preferred method.

You must have at least one soft pillow–I prefer two feather ones–and the luxury of either a wool blanket or a feather duvet. Your covers have to long enough to cover your body and yet still be flexible enough to able to be pulled up under the chin, thus eliminating all cold air from entering your personal body space. I sleep on my side, curled up, blanket (or duvet) loosely tucked around my body, head nestled into the pillow and the air in the room cool enough to notice a difference when I finally arise. The cool (cold) air pushes you into a fast sleep and the warmth of the covers keeps you there, content in your nest. I can sleep this way for a good two hours, dreaming those chaotic/odd/half believable dreams one has when you nap.

I can give up my Spring Nap or even the Autumn Nap (I’m lying here), but, never, ever will I surrender my Winter Nap–it’s too delightful a process to eliminate from my life. There is no problem I can’t face, no day that is too stressful, no task that cannot be taken on after one of these naps. To rise and stretch and say aloud, “OH!! It’s cold!!”, turning the heat back on, folding the blanket(s), putting everything away and facing what you left waiting when you first went to snooze, is a first world blessing of the finest order.

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27 thoughts on “Where I Discuss the Winter Nap

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  2. HA! Adair, I mean, Nap Goddess . . . I am in awe of your napping abilities. I can tell from this post that you KNOW what you’re talking about. I love to sleep and to nap divine. So thank you for this wake up call when it comes to napping, Nap Goddess! :D

    • I think the worst thing in life is that we have to give up our daily naps once we leave kindergarten. I am genetically predisposed to napping, and, thus, enjoy them more than most people, I think. I’m so pleased I’ve found other like souls. I can see a meet up of all of us–around 2PM, stretching occurs and we drift off to our respective hotel rooms to nap. Works for me!!

      • We should all be able to take naps everyday. I think we’d live longer. I’m a huge fan of sleeping. And in conditions just like you described. I usually like to have some quiet background music on too. Oh the places you can drift off to! :D (Nasa we have drift off!)

      • Although the Chinese have that one child law, I have to say, their behavior during your pregnancy with the state allotted child is great. Once it’s found out you are pregnant, you get to nap every. single. day.

        I remember falling asleep (complete with drool) while preggers with Bud on the phone one afternoon while on hold with another department in the Company I was enslav–worked for at the time. Mega embarrassing.

        NASA line? Priceless.

      • LOL! Enslav-worked!!
        Oh That would be embarrassing! I hope you didn’t start snoring . . .

        What? State allotted naps? Now that might be worth turning commie for! Too bad they have the one child rule. I guess they had to implement that rule, otherwise all the women in China would be asleep all the time. HA! (ok, that was politically incorrect — but I’m sort of a commie so hopefully I’ve got a partial pc-pass)

  3. A few weeks ago I decided to have a nap (I really needed it), but when afterwards someone told me I didn’t look too well, perhaps I was getting ill?
    Since that moment, I decided not to nap anymore.
    (Okay, that last sentence is a lie.)

  4. I always seem to sleep better in the winter, that’s why it’s my favourite month, you can get so much cozier rather than be sweaty in the summer time. I sleep a lot of the time during this time of year, it’s like I go into hibernating like the sexy bear I am.

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